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Longstaff, J. S. (1996). Cognitive structures of kinesthetic space; Reevaluating Rudolf Laban’s choreutics in the context of spatial cognition and motor control. Ph.D. Thesis. London: City University, Laban Centre. (HTML Edition)


Introduction IIA Kinesthesia ;
IIB Kinesthetic space ;
IIC Kinesthetic cognition ;
IIIA Reference systems ;
IIIB Location code ;
IIIC Map-like images ;
IIID Symmetry transform ;

IVA10 directions;
IVA20 Choreutic directions;
IVA30 Schema psychology;
IVA40 Choreutic schema;
IVA50 Cognitive prototypes;
IVA60 Ballet prototypes;
IVA70 Anatomical constraints;
IVA80 Choreutic deflections;
IVA90-100 Ergonomics;
IVA110 Experiment,
kinespheric; reference points
IVB10 Kinespheric form;
IVB20 Kinespheric poses;
IVB30 Kinespheric paths;
IVB40-50 Experiment;
Subjective organisation
V Summary.
APPENDICIES (if available):
-- Appendix II Kinesthesia --
-- Appendix VIII Terminology for Cartesian Planes and Dimensions --