Laban Analysis and Labanotation Database
Rationale and Intention

Accounts of the Laban database project has been presented in conferences and publications.
Some of these are available here (most recent first):

(2006). Laban analyses; creating an online database for Laban movement studies. In M. Kovarova & R. Miranda (Eds.) Proceedings of Conference Laban & Performing Arts (pp. 74-87). Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Bratislava Slovakia: Bratislava in Movement Association. (ISBN: 80-85182-92-0)

Conference Presentation Proceedings paper (HTML version)

(2001). What are Laban Analyses? Symposium given at "What is Laban Movement Analysis?", Movement Analysis conference series; Labanotation Institute, University of Surrey; 6 January. (Invited)

Presentation notes (HTML) Conference review by Phillip Hoffman